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Let's dare to imagine a life beyond your wildest dreams
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About Kacper and the Expeditions
Hi, I'm Kacper

I've done a lot of wild and crazy things in my life, and have relied on my courage and imagination to live life in accordance with my vision - a life of freedom, and doing what I love and feel passionate about: sharing breakthroughs with people.

These days, I'm busy living my own breakthrough: living a life worth living, and not compromising in a single area of my life anymore.

If you feel a similar calling in your heart, come join me on an expedition of a lifetime...
Latest Articles & Videos
Dreams Coming True... Hilariously So
Two months ago I set off on my life-long dream to sail around the world. I bought a used 26 foot sailboat to get warmed up on sailing the coast of British Columbia this summer...

I had no idea what I was getting myself into :) Here's my story so far.
You Are NOT Alone
You are not alone.

There is help out there.

I know it may at times, perhaps even now, be the last thing you want to hear or to believe, but it is true.

You are not alone.

Even now, invisible forces beyond your understanding surround you, irrevocably committed to your aid.

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