Kacper Maciej Postawski
Voyages of the Muffin - Episode 1
Dreams Coming True, Hilariously So.
When I bought this used sailboat to embark on my lifelong dream of sailing around the world... I had no idea what I was getting into.
Currently I'm beginning to live a life-long dream of sailing around the world.

Except, I want to do it in style, as a living embodiment of my life, my message and mission, and an integration of all my passions and everything I’ve learned in this life.

I want to circumnavigate the world, teaching my daughter about life and this epic world through adventure, spend time with the love of my life in incredible places and empower her on her mission, invite epic and amazing people to join me for many parts of the mission, document the process, film documentaries, make incredibly inspiring movies, grow my business, make art, and start and manage companies along the way that impact the world and inspire people.

Why not?

As with all things, I start small and I start now, to send the Universe the clear message that I mean it.

So this ever unfolding journey has begun a few months ago with a tiny boat called “Muffin” - Muffin is serving as the immediate launching point for this dream, it is a small 26 foot sailboat that my partner Chantelle and I are sailing the west coast of British Columbia Canada on, and doing exactly what I just listed above!

We’re sailing through epic nature, making inspirational movies, music, and inviting amazing friends for the ride, and I’m about to launch my first business and musical album right from the sailboat .

* Check out the pics below to see what my office looks like these days.
The whole experience is rather hilarious, as the boat is very small, and I began to document the “Voyages of the Muffin” on my new YouTube channel, check out Episode 1 and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with the adventure and many of my other videos which I continually release.

Muffin is just “Chapter 1” of this unfolding mission, I am intending to manifest the real true Ocean going vessel for this voyage soon and will be yacht hunting in the winter, for now our hands are full with sailing Muffin, learning what it means to live on a boat, and acclimatizing to this new integrated lifestyle which never seizes to amuse me.

Stay tuned for updates, this is going to be super fun!

Kacper Maciej Postawski
Kacper helps people reconnect to their purpose and mission, and get on track to living a life worth living. He is an expert at teaching people how to rapidly reconnect to their inner power and turn their visions into reality. If you feel like you're "stuck in a rut" and like your missing your life's purpose, watch this video and schedule a breakthrough session with him right away.
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