Kacper Maciej Postawski
Work With Me In Private
Kacper Maciej Postawski
Work With Me In Private
Dear friend looking to come alive,

If in your heart you are craving a life of connection, deep alignment with your purpose, wellness and prosperity, but you struggle with fear, anxiety, doubt, shame, depression and health and sabotage patterns that hold you and your body back from moving forward with ease on your path...

and... you're looking to finally move beyond what's blocking you.

Then I'd love to invite you work with me in private for a 1 on 1 deep dive workshop during which I'll personally assist you through reconnecting with your center, transmuting the deepest heaviness, fear, and patterns holding you back so you can come fully alive and live your purpose.

This Is For You If...

You can feel where you want to take your life, you want to unlock your full potential, but you don't know how to get there and constantly sabotage yourself in one way or another and feel like there's something stopping you from within.
You struggle with anxiety, fear, doubt, or feeling overwhelmed.  Getting moments of clarity only to be paralyzed and repeat the same patterns over and over again.
You experience depression, or periods of fatigue that keep you from engaging deeply with your purpose... a deep sense of hopelessness freezes you from moving towards your joy.
You feel like you've been working & trying way too hard, you feel burnt out, tired, drained, and feel like there's got to be an easier way…
You care deeply about the world and people and want to step into your authentic power and be of service, but you’re not sure how to even start and the “I’m not enough” imposter-syndrome fear stops you from moving forward with sharing your gift.
You have a longing to live your real purpose in this life, to move in a clear direction, and living your joy, wellness, and true prosperity.
More than anything, you're feel done with these patterns and you're ready to move into completely new possibilities, and you want 1 on 1 guidance from someone who's walked this path.

I Struggled Like This for Decades...

If the above sounds like you, you're not alone.

Anxiety, Pain, Doubt, Depression, Fatigue, and the constant frustration that I wasn't "on my highest path" used to be my daily reality. No matter what I did or how hard I tried to "improve" myself, the same patterns repeated over and over again.

Until I discovered that I wasn't broken, my body was simply traumatized.

I started to learn how to work with my body, not against it, and everything began to shift rapidly. The body already knows how to release all of what's stopping you, it's just a matter of reminding it how.

It was a process, but these days I spend most of my time following my passion, I live in an incredible community, there's harmony in my body, I share my heart and experience in front of the camera all the time, I do my most meaningful work, and challenge myself with following my highest excitement to the maximum.

I've been on this healing path for years learning from and practicing with many experts, and today my passion is assisting people in the same transformation.

Testimonials from recent clients:

Case Study #1: Roberta came to this work feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, doing a job she didn't like.  She felt trapped in her patterns of guilt, not knowing how to play with life anymore and didn't know if she would be supported by life...
Case Study #2: Callum felt completely creatively stuck and overwhelmed by fear and depression preventing him from taking action on his Dreams... we worked to resolve these issues, he released life-times of trauma and started on a whole new trajectory in his life...
Callum went on to create this mini-documentary about his experience...
Case Study #3: Ted was holding onto trauma, grief and shame preventing him from moving forward... he came down to work with me in private for 3 days and he's ready to make some big changes in his life...
Case Study #4: Jeff was holding onto immense pain in his body from years of trauma and emotional neglect, he's made huge leaps forward...

Here's What's Included In the Deep Dive Workshop Experience

After our initial interview, we'll meet for the deep dive session which will be done through Zoom.
You will experience a custom tailored workshop to your specific needs and situation during which I'll assist you in releasing the deepest traumas and stored energetic tension currently active in your body. You will release lifetimes of struggle and inner-conflict, tension and conditioning you didn't even know existed and enter a deep space of peace and ease.
I'll assist you in reminding your body how to naturally dissolve trauma, anxiety, doubt, depression, pain and fatigue, and come into harmony, so you can step into your full alignment, purpose, joy, and ease.
We will work with your body to release the energy underneath the physical symptoms  and illness you might be experiencing in your body.
I'll coach you on your specific situation to help you overcome sticking points to open to the natural ease, wellness, and flow and alignment that wants to happen for you in your life.
You will receive custom tailored bonus audios and videos that will assist you and your nervous system in integrating the session.
The workshop will last anywhere between 1½ to 2½ hours.
We will have a follow up session within 30 days to assist you further.
You'll be able to contact me anytime for 30 days after the session for assistance and guidance in integration.

I Struggled For Decades In Silence Without a
Clue of What Was Happening To Me

My whole life, I've yearned to live the type of life that would reflect back to me what I know to be possible deep in my heart:
A life of self connection, moving towards my passion, not what I "had to do", or "should do". Following my heart, not the false matrix programs telling me to chase money or prestege.
A life surrounded by amazing friends and activated people who wanted to do the same.
Wellness and Health deep within.
Joy and Purpose running through my veins as I focus on my passion and ease-fully bring powerful visions into reality that serve and assist others in co-creating an epic planet.
Today, I live that life more than I ever have, I'm surrounded by a beautiful community, I goof off and share my heart in front of the camera every week, I assist people in deep healing work, and am challenging myself with turning impossible visions into reality.

But getting "here" wasn't easy....

Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Blocks, Doubt and Never Ending Stress Was My Daily Routine

I struggled my entire life with an overwhelming sense of something blocking me deep from within.






Overwork, and...


...all of these would show up in my life somehow in one way or another embedded in deeply interwoven cyclical patterns of self-sabotage.

No matter how hard I tried I never got where I really wanted to be: happy, in flow, in love with life, and effortlessly creating the amazing visions that came to me.

I felt deeply stuck.

The worst part was that I felt like I was being teased by the Universe.

I could tangibly feel where I wanted to take my life, I knew what things could be like, and even took bold steps in that direction... but in the end, I would sabotage myself in one way or another.

I would start projects... and never launch them because "they weren't perfect", or because I found another shiny object at end of the rainbow... or I just found a way to run everything into the ground.

I had great inspirations for visions and ideas, only to not share them... or if I did... I would make things so impossibly complicated that nothing ever came of it.

...and most of all....

Every day I would be accompanied with this angst inside of me, a deep sense of lack and scarcity that showed up everywhere in my life no matter how much money I made.

A sense of being not enough and having to push hard to make things work (coupled with a sense of impending doom if I didn't get my act together.)

It was as if some kind force of gravity was consistently pulling me back into the same states of fear, anxiety, crippling doubt, lack, and shame that would hold me back.

...as these cycled repeated, I would enter phases of depression... a deep numbing sadness mixed with total hopelessness and feeling totally and completely stuck.... and this terrified me even more.

So my life was about pushing

...and by this I mean that I came to the conclusion (or delusion) that so many people buy into.

You start to believe it's your fault.

You start to believe that there's something wrong with you and you need to improve yourself.

More Effort.  More Trying.  More Stuff.

This delusion is a deeply seeded epidemic and even has it's roots in many so called "healing" movements in modalities that can lead us in endless circles.

I felt all of this and I thought I had to fight against it, so I fought and pushed as hard as I could... and when I couldn't push anymore, well...

Then I pushed some more.

and I collapsed, despite all my efforts, I lost everything, many times.

And when my health began to collapse... that's when panic set in.

That's when I stopped doing, and I started to listen to my body, and the answers began to show up in my life.

You're Not Broken. You're Not Alone.
Body is Traumatized.

If the above sounds familiar to you, and you want to be free from these patterns, I've got some great news for you.

You're not broken.

There is a way through the darkness.

You're experiencing something tens of millions of people do around the planet and very few people are aware of... fewer speak about... and even fewer know how to deal with.

You're experiencing the effects of trauma.

Trauma is Like a Loop Stuck
In Time Inside Of Your Body

Each one of us carries our own unique “trauma signature” which consists of all the deepest darkest wounds we’ve accumulated in our own personal lives or inherited from our ancestors.

(Yes trauma is passed down biologically, meaning, the stuff your grandfather wasn't able to process, you're dealing with it now.)

This trauma signature acts as an energetic field within you that literally acts as a reality perception bubble which alters your way of seeing reality on a conscious and subconscious level.

Your body does this to continue to protect you from danger and keep you safe.

It's like a loop stuck in your body because you may have experienced the original pain decades ago...

...but if it's unresolved, the energetic imprint is just as active in your body as if it happened yesterday and your own body is trying to protect you from it

A Deep Part Of You Is Constantly
in the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response

This energetic loop attracts the same types of people and events into our lives over and over again that will trigger those same original feelings and similar events.

The most important thing to understand is that it is an energetic loop stuck in time inside your body. Which is why it often feels like you're "stuck" , because these patterns are stuck on repeat mode.

The same energetic pattern is repeating in your body and your physical reality is reflecting it over and over again.

As "Flight", Trauma Manifests As a Feeling Your Body Is Trying to Avoid At All Costs

You may want to act on your passion, start a business, open your heart to a new relationship or finally take action on improving your health but your body is screaming:

“No! This is not safe! I am not safe right now." 

"I don’t want to be seen!"

"They might hurt me again, I don’t want to make mom angry!"

"I don’t want to feel the guilt, pain, or shame, better just stay small and bury this emotion forever.”

As "Fight": Anxiety, Panic, and Stress

As “fight” it manifest as a constant background tension, anxiety, and stress that varies in intensity in your life, making you hyper aware of danger, everything that could go wrong, and wreaking havoc in your relationships.

If you're in "fight" mode, you can make life work for a while, it will look like you're super motivated and in "Go Go Go" mode, but you're actually running on adrenals which will eventually lead you to burn out.

This is at the root of all burn-out, procrastination, over-protectiveness and every protection mechanism keeping you from fluidly receiving and interacting with life.

As "Freeze": Depression, Overwhelm,
Shame, and Chronic Fatigue

If we're traumatized, usually our nervous system is firing off 1 or 3 of these signals at a time, all the time, it's happening subconsciously and driving your decisions.

Left unprocessed, as trauma accumulates the stored energetic tension trickles down via the mind-body connection into your body causing a cocktail of harmful stress-inducing chemicals.

Epinephrine, Cortisol, and Norepinephrine, all hormones that lower your immune system and manifest disease in the body, inability to lose weight, heart disease and 80% of known diseases are linked to unprocessed emotional trauma.

When you release the energy, the body naturally comes into balance and heals itself.

Unprocessed Stored Emotional Trauma Skews and Alters Your Perception of Reality

You know that old saying: "Wherever you go, there you are." ?

You can chant positive affirmations or visualize the perfect life t’ll the cows come home, if trauma is still looping in your body, you will unconsciously act out the energetic imprint in whatever direction you go.

It's why you can change wives, husbands, or business partners, but still repeat the same patterns.

It's why you repeat the same financial patterns over and over again.

All self-sabotage is, is actually your own body trying to save you from imaginary pain.

It's Like Consulting a 5-Year Old on
Every Decision You Make

You: “Should I start this new business that my heart is calling me towards?”

Traumatized Child: “No that time dad got angry and hurt me was painful, I don’t want that.”

You: "Should I do that thing I was excited about yesterday which felt so possible?"

Traumatized Child: "No I need to play dead so they don't laugh at me."

It makes no sense consciously, but to the wounded you, it does, and it happens unconsciously so we don’t even know this is going on, we just see the effects of it in our lives…

Procrastination, Delays, Self-Sabotage, Pain in Relationships, Unfinished Projects.

An un-lived life.

Even if you will yourself past all the emotional blocks and patterns, they all re-surface one way or another, it’s like trying to mix oil and water.  

This is where I can help...

My Own Life and Journey Exploded Vertically When I Turned Towards This Work

When I stumbled onto this path 6 years ago it was as if everything went from a black-and-white movie to a full color picture.

Everything finally began to change and everything I had been trying to "will" in my life started to show up naturally without effort. Before, I was trying to get to this place with effort, and "working on myself"... now it began to be my nature.
My body finally relaxed, and I started to listen to it.
I started doing more of what I authentically wanted and loved to do.
I needed less sleep.
I started playing with life instead of trying to "get somewhere", and this co-incidentally started to attract way more abundance and awesome people into my life.
My body came to life, I seemed to have an endless supply of energy.
I deeply stopped caring what others thought and a profound sense of self love & acceptance filled me.
Serendipity and synchronicity started to show up way more often.
I started feeling safe in this world, stopped carrying it on my shoulders, amazing ideas began to arrive naturally and moving towards them filled me with joy.
and most importantly...
A deep sense of peace and oneness filled my body, an okay-ness with what is.
This work changed my life, and I've devoted myself to going deep with it so I could assist others in the process.

If you feel called to work with me, it would be an honor to assist you on your journey.

7 Signs Your Soul Is Calling
You For This Shift

A life of self connection, following your heart and passion, not what you "have to do", or "should do" is calling you more than anything else.
You're craving joy, freedom, ease, and expansion.  The thought of "working hard" to create results in your life is starting to feel unnatural.
You're bored, you can't find your motivation anymore, even in things that used to motivate you, adventure and the unknown is calling you.
Synchronicity or an "inner-knowing" has led you here and has kept you reading.
Just the thought of following your joy and purpose and coming into alignment with your heart creates a different sensation in your body... and you're curious what would happen if you went all the way... even if it means letting go of the old.
You feel like a lobster coming out of it's shell... the thought of staying stuck where you are right now any longer feels unbearable and you're open to new possibilities.
You're craving to be surrounded by amazing friends and activated people who want to live life to the fullest, deeply aligned with purpose and mission.

Ready to Start? Here's What To Do...

We'll get on a free 30 minute call during which you will get massive clarity on your situation and have all your questions answered before we proceed.

The call is absolutely free, but requires an application (please fill it out thoroughly),

Click the button below to book your call.

See you soon 🙏

Who this is not for:

I'm sorry, but this is not for everyone, here's who I cannot help:
Those not willing to show up and bring 100% of themselves to the process.
Those not willing to take responsibility for their lives
People who want to continue to blame others and only talk about their problems.
Thanks for reading,

Look forward to meeting you,

All the best,

© Made With Love. Kacper Maciej Postawski