Special Online Workshop...
Psychokinesis Spoon Bending
You Are More Powerful Than You Think... Learn to Bend a Spoon with the Power of Your Mind

Saturday, May 21st
10AM PST - Live Event
Kacper Maciej Postawski
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Special Online Event...
Psychokinesis Spoon Bending Workshop
You Are More Powerful Than You Think, Learn to Bend
a Spoon with the Power of Your Heart & Mind
Sunday, January 22nd - 10AM - PST Live Event
* Yes, there will be a replay available if you can't make it live.
From: Kacper

Dear friend,

You're invited to a special event :-)

I've got this friend named Pyasa, she's been in my life for over a decade and we've had many adventures together, she's always up to something exciting in the realm of helping others activate and heal.

A couple years ago I called her up to ask what she was up to... to my surprise she told me she had started teaching people psychokinesis spoon bending.

"What!?" was my immediate reaction, followed by laughter and understanding, of course she would be teaching people psychokinesis, it's only fitting knowing her.

Immediately my curiosity got aroused, "I want to learn how to do that! Can you teach me and my friends how to do it? How about we do an online workshop?" I asked naturally through bubbling excitement.

The rest is history :-)

We've done several of these workshops together now and they're a ton of mind-warping fun!

If you're ready to get out of your comfort zone, push your limiting beliefs, and realize just how powerful your consciousness and the field of your heart is, then come join us in this fun workshop suitable for all ages and people from all walks of life.

About Pyasa & the Workshop

Pyasa is one of my best friends and calls herself an "Evolutionary Activator", she has been initiated by the world's last living Inca's who's cosmo vision and healing practices embrace the ways with which we can interact with the quantum field.

Check out the video to see her in action and see what the workshop will be all about!

In this training you get to:

Have FUN and be empowered
Bend a spoon using telekinesis. (The energy field generated through deep cohesion of your mind and heart)
Identify & break through your limiting beliefs.
Learn a powerful zero point meditation technique.
Engage with a community of people who - like you - are ready to activate their superpowers.
Understand the ways the last living Incas of Peru view life & explain the link between the quantum field & humans.

What past participants had to say...

"Wow! My ten year old and myself have just had the experience of a live zoom workshop with Pyasa guiding us through how to bend spoons using Psychokinesis we were so excited beforehand to learn this, but we are sooo much more excited now that we know we can do it!!

Pyasa’s guidance was warm, friendly and fun, and, in such a short space of time, we both completely bent our spoons first time we tried. Awesome!

I would recommend to anyone to try this with her and see how it feels to unlock that power! Thank you so much!" - Claire
"We attended a webinar on spoon bending hosted by Pyasa and it was epic!

Most of the class was able to bend their spoon before we logged off (including Paolo and I). 

I still cannot believe I did this!!! It took me 3 tries to really harness my chi, but I made it happen, baby! May the fork be with you!"

- Caterina & Paolo
"Pyasa said “Bring a spoon and an open mind and heart”.
And so I did.

Experiencing this, in a group and for the first time, was an amazing Divine Gift!

I personally believe anything is possible. With all my openness and excitement, I also let go of my expectations, worries and fears, and now I understand this can happen this time and the next time and in my life. All that, together with Pyasa’s charisma, knowledge and loving guidance. .. BOOM!"

- Estela

"I attended Pyasa’s online training with my 7 year old son, Jaxson, we really had a wonderful time and a lot of laughter!

It was a great bonding experience for us. My son typically has a hard time centering himself, he is very high energy; at first it took a while for him to even settle down to hold his spoon, but on his second try at bending it with his mind, he did.

Afterwards he was hopping the around house yelling “I can do it, I can do it!”.

Now he tells his friends he has special powers. Pyasa teaches with a light heart, filled with laughter which made us feel warm and welcomed. I recommend you take this class!"

- Amy and Jaxson

Join Us Live January 22nd at 10AM PST

* Yes, there will be a replay available if you can't make it live.
The cost of the workshop is $79
There will be a replay, the call will be recorded, but I highly recommend that you come to the the live event!
IMPORTANT: Please bring a spoon(or a fork), an open mind and an open heart.
IMPORTANT: Get ready to have some fun!
Thank you for reading!

Looking forward to seeing you at the event,

All the best,

Event Details
When: Saturday February 27th Sunday 11AM PST,

Will there be a replay available?

Yes. If you can't make it live, you'll get the replay.

What's the cost?

$50 - $100 Sliding Scale

Will I be able to bend my spoon?

What the kid said to Neo, that's impossible, there is no spoon. 

Okay seriously, from what Pyasa told me is that 90% of people who attend the events usually bend their spoon on the first attempt, there's a whole special process involved, and we'll be with you every step the way.

This ultimately about much more than the spoon, it's about your belief in yourself and your belief about reality, and that's what we will be bending before we get to the spoon through a special process.

This is going to be tons of fun and I can't wait!

What will I need to bring?

A spoon (a spork or a fork will do fine as well.)

How do I sign up?

Just click the button below:
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