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Connect with Kacper Privately for Assistance on Your Journey to Living in Extraordinary Health, Ease, and Purpose

This is for you if:

 You have a sense that your life could be so much more, you want to follow your heart more fully and enter health, purpose and prosperity, but there is a sense like there is something always holding you back from deep within.
 Your body is holding onto a pain or illness that you just can't seem to heal from, and it feels like you've tried everything and nothing is working.
 You've experienced traumatic events in your life, you experience doubt, anxiety, stress, and depression which frequently stop you in your tracks.
 The same big hairy problems and emotional blocks just keep coming back over and over again no matter which direction you turn.
 You have a deep longing to live your real purpose in this life, to move in a clear direction, and living your joy.
 You're ready to move beyond understanding and trying to "figure it out", and ready to let a higher power flow through you.
 You're clearly ready to let go of old ways of being and open to healing, clarity, and abundance in your life.

Are You Ready for a Massive Shift in Your Life?

Dear friend,

I know the feeling... When you try your very best to heal, and "do everything you can"  to move yourself into health, happiness, and abundance, into that great expansion you've felt the flickering promise of in your heart.

And yet, it seems illusive, as if something were constantly pressing down against you or pulling you back down physically, mentally, emotionally, and showing up as blockages, illness, pain, and "self-sabotage" that you just can't seem to shake out of your system.

You do your very best, yet it seems like your body and all your patterns are working against you.

When we recognize that everything is pure consciousness and vibration, that's when the possibility of the deepest and most rapid change enters our lives.

In order to see yourself shift "out there", you first have to shift your inner energetic field, and this is where I can help.

Work With Me Privately to Release What's Truly Holding You Back

We are electromagnetic beings, as goes your consciousness, so goes the rest of your life and body.

When we hold onto old beliefs and energetic ways of being, it is reflected in your body and everything outside you.

Your heart and your body already know how to heal and take you and your life to the peace and abundance you belong in.

What knocks us out of this state is the deeply stored emotional trauma and unconscious beliefs which cause the nervous system to go on alert as if something was constantly wrong and make you feel like life is just "not safe."

This produces a constant stream of stress hormones in your body which narrow your perception of reality and can lead to many chronic illnesses.

Living like this is very difficult, because there's always a sense of not being able to move forward with ease in life.

It's also why we can try as hard as we can to heal and improve and see little to no results in our lives, because the problem is inside of the energy and effort of trying...

That's Where I Come In...

As a conscious practitioner who has gone through his own healing journey, I know first-hand how agonizing and confusing it can be to feel stuck in a body and mind with fear and patterns that just won't let go.

During this private integration I'm going to guide you through releasing the traumas, beliefs, and the unconsciously held ways of being that are just not serving you anymore.

You will learn how to activate the electromagnetic field of your heart, and let life hold you in a way that brings ease beyond what you have currently imagined.

Through our work together you will access a space of peace and relaxation with life that will register in your body and in every area of your life: your relationships, work/career, and what you offer the world.

...We're also going to laugh together, as I have a sense of humor that often finds people laughing even in the darkest of places ;-)

We Will Do Live Sessions & Have Weekly Email or Text Communications - You'll Also Get Audio and Video Components Throughout Your Journey... 

"He helped changed my life..."

"I have not met many people, who have come across with such love in their heart to want to really really assist you.  

There’s a connection that you make that will change your life."

- Jeff Banks

Bonus: Wild Heart Deep Dive Online Program
Embodiment and coming into alignment with your heart and your heart's calling is at the core of my work.

The Wild Heart Deep Dive program will lead you through integrating many of the tools and life-practices throughout our time together and help you align with the joy, expansion, and freedom your heart is calling for.
This course contains a video series which will enable you to you:
 Self assess and then raise your energetic frequency quotient.
 Come into alignment with your hearts deepest calling.
 Re-wire your nervous system for relaxation, ease, and following your heart.
 Release procrastination and go beyond "perfectionism" and the construct of being motivated by discipline or fear.
 Tap into your heart to get answers to almost any questions or knowing "which decision to make"
 Release pain from your body.
 Release debilitating emotional patterns that keep you circling in loops.
 Create a space inside of your body for your deeper life purpose to show up.
 Neutralize negative unconscious programs and re-place them with life affirming benevolent programs.
 Self assess and release self sabotage patterns.

Package Includes:

8 Private 1:1 Video Integration Sessions:  We'll be meeting 1-ON-1 on a video call every two weeks as I assist you in releasing old energies of struggle, heaviness, contraction, and re-wiring your nervous system towards possibilities, joy, expansion, freedom and a whole new way life.

Custom Prescription Audio & Video Resources: You will receive resources custom tailored to your needs and unique situation to help you integrate the work we'll be doing and accelerate your progress. You will have access to these even after we complete our time together.

Weekly E-mail or Text Contact: You'll be able to check in with me anytime so I can assist you during your process and help you move ease-fully through anything that arises during your process.

BONUS: Wild Heart Living Online Program: This video series will assist you in integrating all the work we do so that this is a natural part of who you are and how you live even long after our time together, you'll receive life-time access to the program.


Available pay plan: $1,000 US/monthly for 4 months.
** Spaces are currently limited to 5 applicants this month. An interview is required before we begin the work together, please apply below and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
About Kacper
I have spent my whole life dreaming big dreams, and daring to love.  I've failed many times and have felt the immense pain, grief, depression, and utter confusion of what it means to be alive.

After an early awakening experience at a very young age, like most people I was deeply passionate about the truth, raising consciousness, healing, and uncovering the hidden mysteries of our world... but despite my best efforts I found that my life was like a broken record... the same limiting patterns and ailments would repeat over and over again and nothing was really changing.

My own healing journey took off in 2017 when a chance encounter started me on the path of trauma release and the potent healing field of the heart and mind-body connection, I experienced the deepest healing of my life and it was only after then that things finally started to shift, I became fascinated about this field and the unfolding of my own healing took me through many potent lessons that shook the foundations of my being.

My journey took me through the pits of anxiety, depression, deep grief, and debilitating chronic fatigue.

Throughout my process I've come to understand that our bodies can truly heal from anything and that the biggest fear we carry is not the fear of death, but actually the fear of feeling fully alive.

I am currently studying with Dr. Kim D'Eramo with the American Institute of MindBody Medicine and my passion is living in the heart and assisting others in releasing the deepest blocks and pains that are holding them back from living in full health and prosperity.

I am also a Sailor, musician, and a father of a 13 year-old girl, I am in the process of saving up for a sailboat to start sailing around the world in an epic way - find out more about my Sail the Stars project here.

Want to know more? Read more about Kacper here
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